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6 dental practice web design examples and why they work

Have you updated your dental office’s furniture more often than your dental website? If your dental practice’s website design is looking a little outdated or the functionality isn’t, well, functioning anymore, it can seriously affect your business.

Patients judge you based on what they see online. And if what they see is that you don’t take care of your dental practice’s website, they might feel like you won’t take great care of them either.

That’s why it’s crucial to redesign your website or build a new one from scratch when it’s no longer doing your dental practice justice. A brand new website will make it easier for patients to find you online, book appointments, and keep returning.

But where do you even begin? What makes a dental practice website better than others? How do you know what web design to go for? Fear not, dental friends, for in this blog, we’re giving you our top 6 dental website designs and describing what makes them work so well.

First, what contributes to a great dental website design?

Before we get into our top dental practice website designs, we thought it would be helpful to go over what makes a website design “good” in the first place. So, below you’ll find the traits that all great dental practice website designs have in common.

Easy navigation

A great dental practice website will be easy to navigate with a simple menu and logical “user flow” throughout the website. In basic terms, a great dental website will make it easy for you to find the information you need.

Impressive design

With so many dental practices crowding the online marketing space, it’s important that you don’t fade into the background with a “meh” website design. Your dental practice website design must be modern, unique, and super slick to attract your ideal patients.

Compelling content

There’s no point having a fantastic website design if you’re writing crappy content. A great website marries compelling, helpful, and unique content and impressive design together to give your patients the best user experience possible.

Engaging imagery

Eye-catching dental practice websites leave the stock imagery to the dental practice rookies and appear more authentic with real images of real people, dental practice environments, and treatments.

Accessible display

Ever try to navigate a dental website that clearly was not built for mobile users? Not fun. The best dental practice websites will be accessible on all devices, but especially mobile, since this now accounts for half of all online traffic.

Now, onto our top ten dentist website design examples (yay!)

As dental practice web design, marketing, and business growth specialists, we’ve seen a lot of dental websites in our days, making it super hard to pick just a few to show off today, but we tried our best!

So, without further ado, here are our top six favorite dental practice website designs and why we think they’re awesome! Please note these are ranked in no particular order.

#1 Dickens Yard Dental

Why we love it: Dickens Yard Dental is the perfect example of a dental clinic that isn’t afraid to create a distinctive brand through the art of content and website design. You’ll see quirky images and statements like the one above all over their website, making them seriously stand out from the crowd!

Explore their web design: Dickens Yard Dental

#2 Advance Dental Care

Why we love it: Advance Dental Care is a fantastic example of an easy-to-navigate dental practice website. As you can see from their menu, everything is laid out very clearly for the patient, and they have buttons throughout their site that encourage the patient to take action or jump to different pages throughout the site for more information.

Explore their web design: Advance Dental Care

#3 Smilesite

Why we love it: Smilesite shows us what’s possible when dental practices aren’t afraid to get digital. With their digital dental assessments page, patients are able to streamline the dental treatment process and get a consultation directly from their dentist from anywhere! Pretty cool if you ask us.

Explore their web design: Smilesite

#4 Dental Health Centre

Why we love it: Dental Health Centre does a great job of making it easy for patients to see why they should choose them and how Dental Health Centre can benefit them. These “USP” boxes are a great way for a dental website to differentiate themselves from others and attract more patients.

Explore their web design: Dental Health Centre

#5 LoveTeeth Dental

Why we love it: LoveTeeth Dental can teach us a thing or two about imagery! Instead of using generic stock photography of dentists and dental patients, they use real images of their practices, patients, and dental team to better connect with their prospective patients.

Explore their web design: LoveTeeth Dental

#6 Dr Andrew Nichols

Why we love it: When it comes to dental practice websites, your patients want a convenient experience that’s easy to follow. And what could be easier than a 3-step process? Telling your patients what steps they should take can help to ignite action and make the dental journey seem less daunting. Dr Andrew Nichols does this so well here!

Explore their web design: Dr Andrew Nichols

Ready to start designing your new dental practice website?

After reading this article, we hope you’re feeling inspired to refresh your own dental practice website design and make sure it hits the key elements of impressive web design.

If you’re looking for a web design partner that focuses solely on dental practice websites and can walk you through the process step-by-step, why not talk to our experts here at PatientBoost?

At PatientBoost, we offer web design, digital marketing, and business growth consultancy services for dental practices ready to streamline and automate their processes, attract new patients, engage their employees, and upsurge profits.

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Dickens Yard Dental

Meet Dr. Sahil Thakkar. Owner, founder, and principal dentist of Dickens Yard Dental, a dental practice based in West London. As a brand new business, the main goal was to increase the number of new patients to kick things off.