Dental Brands Grow has merged with Mediavandals to become PatientBoost!

Take a look behind the curtain of our award winning agency.

PatientBoost is The All-In-One Business & Marketing Consultancy For Growing A Profitable Dental Clinic

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Our Mission

We’re not like every other marketing agency.
We don’t see our clients as clients. We are partners.

In it together to make sure your practice succeeds and you reach your goals. It’s a two-way thing. We need your help as much as you need ours. Many of our clients are now good friends. They trust us like family members. We’re honest and open with them. We’re an open book. Good luck finding a marketing agency as transparent as us!

Our mission over the next 10 years is to help 1,000 dental practice owners achieve clinical, financial, and time freedom by out-marketing their competition, elevating their team, and systemizing their business.

We have a tools, and the know how to help you remove yourself from the day to day grind and live the life you really want. The question is, are you ready to let go and enjoy life?

It’s going to be a hell of a ride… Want in?

Who is PatientBoost?

We’re a dental-focused growth & marketing consultancy who is quickly making waves as a premium partner within the dental industry on both sides of the Atlantic, and are focused on helping practice owners in the US, UK, Canada, and Ireland find growth and freedom

We’ve also established dental-focused networking groups in the US and UK, and our podcast was ranked #6 in the top ten best dental business podcasts.

Our team is quite the creative bunch of individuals working towards a shared goal of making business growth and marketing efforts as enjoyable as possible for our clients (and our team), while shooting for the stars with the good work we do and having lots of fun on the way!

We are steadfast in our integrity and respectful of the opinions of each other, our clients, and our audience. Good or bad, we are dedicated to remaining honest and transparent.

We do not work for our clients, we work with our clients as partners. Our partnership with them is a two way street, and their success becomes our success.

We are steadfast in our two most important key company beliefs;

  1. You don’t have to be serious, to be serious about business
  2. Don’t be a dick to others… ever

Our Core Values

These are the rules we live by, in life AND in business.

Honesty & Transparency: We believe in being honest and transparent at all times. Whether the conversation will be good, or bad, we tell it like it is and expect our team to do the same.

Family Oriented: We believe that our strength as an Agency, and a team, stems from the relationships we build, the clients we serve, and our strong core values, which includes family above all else.

Fun, Creative & Quirky: We are a creative, fun loving bunch that believes you don’t need to be serious to be serious about business. We embrace our quirkiness and make the process as fun as possible for our clients (and our team), while shooting for the stars with the good work we do.

Strong Integrity: Be someone who follows through with what you say. Be honest with clients and don’t over-promise.

What gets us out of bed in the morning?

First and foremost- caffeine. Lots of caffeine. Maybe a nice bagel or pastry, too. Once our grey matter is fuelled, we’re ready to roll with the sheer determination to learn as much about you and your practice as we can. That way, we can design a very distinctive voice for your brand that will catapult you where you want to be.

Our dynamic team will give your ideas CPR and before you know it, your brand will be a living, breathing, tangible, beautiful thing.

On top of being great at what we do and how we look after our clients, we actively engage with the dental community on both sides of the Atlantic. Our Founders, Mike & Sheila, started and Chair the Dental Business Association. An organization dedicated to helping dental professionals tackle business, finance, and marketing with confidence.

You can also listen to PatientBoost Co-founder, Mike Hennan, on the Growing A Dental Practice podcast where he’s joined by his co-host, Dr Sahil Thakkar. The podcast documents Sahil’s journeys as a new principal dentist, as well as other industry leaders and how they are helping dentists grow. Each episode is packed full of knowledge and wisdom for new and aspiring practice owners.

It's worth saying twice, we’re not like every other marketing agency.
We won't work with everyone... and we actually give a sh*t about people.

Company Culture

Our company culture is simple.. treat others with dignity and respect, do good in the world, help where you can, and put more in than you take out.

As a team, we love to laugh and have a good time, after all – Life moves fast, if you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you just might miss it. And yes, I totally just ripped that from Ferris Bueller, but wiser words have never been said.

You see, I was raised by a woman that worked 3 jobs to make sure her kids never wanted for anything, I watched her struggle through life and never complain, she was fiercely loyal, kind, compassionate, and wore her heart on her sleeve.

While I grew up, I took all of these lessons with me into adulthood. Developed a strong work ethic, a desire to always be a good person, show empathy and understanding, help others where I could, and point them in the right direction if I couldn’t.

What I found in Mike, was a kindred spirit, passionate about helping others, a love of dentistry, and a desire to create a company that could provide Practice Owners, and our team, with the freedom to enjoy life. 

We took all of these things and created a culture of friendly faces, lots of laughs, the desire to do good in the world, and a strong work ethic… Welcome to PatientBoost, we can’t wait to meet you.


Sheila Heard

Meet Our Leadership Team

Mike Hennan | PatientBoost

Astronaut Mike

Co-Founder / Strategist / Ideas Guy

Mike loves dentistry as much as you can without being a dental professional. He loves helping dental practices devise the best marketing strategy to help them attract their ideal patients and grow their business.

Sheila Heard - PatientBoost

Sheila Heard

Co-Founder / Marketing / Boss Lady

Focusing on educating her clients on best marketing practices in the digital age, Sheila has created a company that understands the needs of each client and guides them in achieving their goals.

Brandon Heard | PatientBoost

Brandon Heard

Creative Genius

Murphy Wallace

Office 'Meow'nager

Bailey Susan | PatientBoost

Bailey Susan

Office Cutie

Award Winning Dental Marketing Company

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