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5 Social Media Branding Hacks For Dental Practices

Since the launch of Facebook more than a decade ago, businesses everywhere have been using social media as a powerful marketing tool, and that includes dental practices.

Social media is an affordable way to promote your brand identity and show your patients why you’re the clinic to go with. But many dental clinics struggle to develop a proper social media branding strategy.

We’d like to help you with five awesome branding hacks for dental practices that you can use to drive more traffic to your social media platforms. Keep reading to find out how to utilize brand design so you can boost your conversion rates, increase your social media visibility, and get more patients booked in.

1. Use Your Logo as a Profile Picture

If you’re the owner of a dental practice then you must have a logo for your clinic that connects with people – and helps convert visitors into patients. You can use this logo for your social media profiles as well! The big question is where do you place it?

Well, all social media platforms allow you to upload a profile picture. Since you’re a brand you’ll want to use the space to showcase your logo.

Adding your logo to your social media channels can help your audience easily identify who you are because they’ll be familiar with your logo. Your logo will also separate your clinic from your competitors. Make sure your logo fits into the profile picture border – don’t have it cut off otherwise it’ll look unprofessional.

You also want to make sure that your logo is high-quality and isn’t pixelated when visitors click on it to view it. If you have a symbol-only logo it can be an excellent choice as a profile picture because they look professional in smaller spaces. Use the same logo on all of your social media pages.

2. Create a Catchy Header

Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter allow you to add a header at the top of your page. This is where you can get creative with your social media branding. The header or cover photo is a window to entice your visitors and it shows what they can expect from your dental office.

When creating your header make sure the design is consistent with the rest of your branding. Use the same fonts and colours that are in your logo or on your website this helps with brand consistency.

Your cover photo is also the ideal place to plant a call to action.

Use your header to inspire curiosity or to prompt an action. You can even use it to highlight promotions. Unlike your profile picture, you can change your header as often as you like giving you room to create seasonal headers or promotional banners.

3. Be Consistent With Your Colour Scheme

Did you know that colour choice plays a huge role in getting the attention you want?

Research shows that people make a subconscious judgment on people or products within 90 seconds of viewing. And between 62% and 90% of their opinion is based on colour.

Social media pages do have standard colours that you can’t change but you can customize parts of your pages such as your headers and you can post images and graphics that have your brand colours on them.

Make sure the colour scheme you use is consistent throughout your social media pages too so that the visual effect is not overwhelming. Always use the same colours you used in your logo or header.

4. Center Your Graphics

Graphics that aren’t centred on a social media page look unprofessional – it’s as simple as that. You don’t want your clinic’s logo to be off to the side or your header images to sit in the top left-hand corner, do you?

Create a focal point by centring your graphics in the middle of the frame.

Some social media sites such as Twitter automatically crop photos once you’ve uploaded them but for most social media platforms if you don’t center your graphics part of your design might get cut off.

Centering your graphics will also ensure the image shows up correctly on mobile phones, whether the screen gets turned horizontally or vertically.

5. Use Two Different Fonts and Colours for Text

When creating infographic social media posts to promote your dental clinic’s brand you should consider using more than one font type and colour.

Utilize two different font sizes to draw your readers’ attention to important information. Eyes are drawn to text that looks different from another, exactly how your eyes were drawn to the bolded text in the previous sentence.

You can also use unique and striking colours to highlight the text you want your readers to see immediately. Ideally, you want the text to jump out at the reader and grab their attention.

Simply make sure that when you’re creating infographics you create a contrast with your text and your background image so that the writing is easy to see and understand.

Final Tips and Thoughts

Strong social media marketing relies on quality graphic designs that boost engagements and improves user experience. Visually stimulating designs will help your social media pages stand out. Graphic design is essential for social media because there are a lot of dental clinic profiles out there and you want your profiles to stand out the most.

Simply adding your logo to your social media pages helps visitors identify who you are and what your social media page is all about.

Top Tip! Get your social media pages verified. This helps you establish credibility for your dental practice. By having a verification tick next to your brand image you’ll increase your followers because more people will trust you.

Have you got experience with branding and marketing your social media pages? Leave us a comment below. We’d love to hear from you.


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