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Does your website focus on your customer’s problems?

Do you know the real reason customers buy products or services?

Customers buy products or services to solve their problems or make their life better.

It’s that simple.

Without getting too technical, people are programmed to make choices based on whether the outcome helps them survive or thrive.

That’s why your website needs to make it clear that you fully understand the problems your customers face and that your products or services can solve them. They need to know how you can help them survive or thrive. If you do that, they will more likely buy from you!

Make sure it’s easy for visitors to understand what problems you solve within 5 seconds of them landing on your website. Without scrolling down your homepage, customers should know exactly how you can make their life better. Try stating their problems in your website tagline or short description. Further down your homepage, add a section that talks about their problems in more detail. Don’t be afraid to agitate their problems!

Your sales will increase if you focus on your customer’s problems, so make it clear to them that you understand their pain points and have a product or service that can help them!

Get clear and take action!

Mike Hennan, Co-founder

P.S. You may solve several problems for your customers, but try focusing on just 1 or 2. Too many problems makes a messy website. If you need help deciding which customer problem to focus on, book a call!


Dickens Yard Dental

Meet Dr. Sahil Thakkar. Owner, founder, and principal dentist of Dickens Yard Dental, a dental practice based in West London. As a brand new business, the main goal was to increase the number of new patients to kick things off.