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EP20 Data Protection & GDPR – Interview with Adrian Dray

On this week’s episode, Mike is joined by Adrian Dray – the go to data protection and GDPR expert for dental practices. Before setting up his own consultancy, he was the data protection officer for over 600 corporate and independently owned dental practices.

Data protection and GDPR can be quite dry subjects, but Adrian has found a way to make them engaging. If you haven’t seen any of his social media posts, then you’re missing out! Adrian regularly delivers training to dental teams up and down the country. And on top of that, he’s a really nice guy and great to talk to.

Adrian begins by explaining what data protection and GDPR actually are, and it’s not long before he drops one of his “hard truths”; that it’s impossible for any dental practice or business to be 100% compliant with data protection and GDPR.

He discusses what can happen if a dental practice gets data protection and GDPR wrong, and provides actionable advice on how practices can protect themselves.

Adrian then sets out what you should do from a data protection and GDPR when setting up a squat practice or if you buy an established practice.

Before wrapping up, Adrian touches on some of the other threats facing dental practices.

Listen to the end for Adrian’s number one piece of advice for new and aspiring practice owners.

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