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EP22 Buying Dental Practices – Interview with Andy Acton

In today’s episode, Mike is joined by Andy Acton – owner and director of the FTA group of companies which offers a full range of business services to the dental sector. This includes Frank Taylor & Associates, acquired by Andy in 2000, which is still the leading valuer and sales agent of dental practices in the UK.

Andy is a sought after public speaker covering topics including leadership, management, marketing, and the future value of dental practices. He also co-hosts the Dentology podcast with his business partner, Chris Strevens.

Andy explains how he got into dentistry and why he finds the industry so fascinating. He then outlines in detail the process of buying a dental practice. Andy discusses the advantages and disadvantages of buying an established practice vs a new squat practice.

We then dig into some of the 35+ factors that impact a practice’s value, including Andy explaining what goodwill actually is. He touches on the points associates should consider before buying a practice.

Finally, Andy shares his number one piece of advice for any associate thinking about buying a dental practice.

If you are thinking about buying a dental practice, then you need to reach out to Andy and the FTA team.

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