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EP23 Buying A Dental Practice – Interview with Dr Karl Walker-Finch

In today’s episode, Mike is joined by Dr Karl Walker-Finch – Associate Dentist, Mentor, Lecturer, Blogger, and soon to be Author. This is a fantastic episode because at the time of recording, Karl was actually in the process of buying his first dental practice. Knowing we would be releasing this episode only after the sale was completed allowed Karl to be open and honest about his experience.

Karl explains how he first got into dentistry and how his passion for dental implants came about. Not only did he obtain a Masters in Dental Implantology, but he also helps and inspires the next generation of dentists interested in implants as a lecturer and mentor on the MSc in Dental Implantology at ICE in Manchester.

He describes how blogging during lockdown motivated him to write a book all about the challenges facing dentists and ways to overcome them.

On top of all that, Karl explains why he was buying a dental practice and why now was the right time. He discusses how his practice will be different by combining dentistry and counselling. Karl provides a detailed picture of the buying process from the perspective of the buyer and highlights the many challenges and delays.

Karl will be back on the podcast in several months to tell us all about his experience of getting the keys, stepping into the practice for the first time as the owner, and how he’s been putting his stamp on the business.

Finally, Karl shares his number one piece of advice for any associate thinking about buying or starting a dental practice.

If you have any questions about buying a practice or dental implants, or want to learn more about his book, then reach out to Karl.

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