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EP24 The John Lewis of Dentistry – Interview with Dr Simon Gallier

In this episode, Mike is joined by Dr Simon Gallier – Managing Partner of Future Health Partnership. Future Health Partnership utilises an employee ownership/partnership model and currently has 4 practices located in the North of Wales, Chester, and just outside Bolton.

Simon qualified as a dentist in 1982, served in the Parachute Regiment, and previously owned a dental and whole body aesthetics clinic on Harley Street in London. He developed the concept of direct access in 2007 after working with Superdrug to put hygiene, whitening, and aesthetic clinics in their stores. Also in 2007 he took part in the Polar Challenge – a 320 mile race, on skis to the magnetic North Pole.

Simon recounts why he became a dentist and why he chose to serve in the military during his first few years as an associate. Dr Gallier talks about all of his adventures in the army and how he continued to pursue challenges even after he left. He explains how dentistry in the armed forces is very similar to private dentistry, and why his first year in the NHS was an eye opener that led to him quitting NHS dentistry after just 1 year.

Dr Gallier discusses his first foray into practice ownership and what he learnt during the first few years, and why he expanded beyond a single location before selling.

Simon then tells Mike all about his latest venture, Future Health Partnership – a completely new way to run a dental practice modelled on John Lewis. He believes private equity is ruining dentistry – venture capital firms prioritise profit over patient care. Dr Gallier and his partners think the only way to solve this problem is by giving dental practice staff a stake in the practice they work in to boost motivation and promote loyalty.

Finally, Simon shares his number one piece of advice for any associate dentists thinking about buying or starting a dental practice – his advice might surprise a few people!

If you have any questions about Future Health Partnership or the business of dentistry in general, Simon is more than happy to hear from you!

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