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EP27 Building Businesses – Interview with Dr Brett Wells

In this episode, Mike is joined by Dr Brett Wells – Owner of Wells Family Dental Group and Founder of DentalHQ; an online platform helping group practices and DSOs create and manage their own dental membership plans.

Brett introduces himself as a dentist by trade and entrepreneur by passion, and it’s easy to see why. He’s a highly skilled clinician and savvy businessman who started his first practice from scratch after just 6 months as an associate, opened a second practice only several years later, started and sold a gourmet hotdog restaurant, grew two practices into a group, and founded a tech company to solve problems he was facing and help other practice groups and DSOs.

Dr Wells shares how work experience with a friend’s dad – who was a dentist – gave him the jumpstart he needed to go from coasting at school to being a driven dental graduate. He describes why he started his own practice from scratch after only a few months as an associate and how casual beers with a buddy led them to opening a practice in Downtown Raleigh. Brett would eventually become the majority owner after realising the business needed a single decision maker.

Brett’s foray into the food industry with a gourmet hotdog restaurant – which he sold after a few years – taught him one of his biggest lessons; if you’re going to have multiple businesses, you need to give the operator of each business a stake in the company for it to truly succeed. Anyone you trust to run a business for you, needs to have a vested interest.

He explains that he founded DentalHQ to solve the problems he was facing as the owner of a group of practices and decided to share it with fellow group practice and DSO operators. As a visionary, Brett knows he needs to bring in “executors” to help him realise his many ideas. He recently brought in a senior exec team at DentalHQ to take the SaaS company to the next level with a whole raft of exciting updates.

At the end of the podcast, Brett shares his number one piece of advice for any associate dentists thinking about buying or starting their own dental practice.

If you have any questions regarding practice ownership, DentalHQ, or hotdogs, then reach out to Dr Brett Wells.

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