EP38 Systemizing Your Practice – Interview with Glenda Acevedo

In this episode, Mike chats with Glenda Acevedo – Founder of Bridging Business Solutions. As a consultant and SYSTEMologist™, Glenda helps dental practices harness the power of processes and systems.

Glenda explains what systems and processes are, and how they relate to the four stages of a business. She talks about the various challenges facing dental teams, and how processes and systems can help.

Glenda discusses the seven myths about processes and systems, and how a dental practice can get started with creating their own.

She also shares her number one piece of advice for anyone thinking about buying or starting their own dental practice.

If you have any questions regarding processes and systems, then reach out to Glenda Acevedo at Bridging Business Solutions.

Email: Glenda@bridgingbusinesssolutions.com
Website: https://www.bridgingbusinesssolutions.com/
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/glendaacevedo/

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