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EP59 Dental Practice Transitions with Rex Plamann & Justin Baumann

In this episode, Mike speaks with Rex Plamann & Justin Baumann – Practice brokers trading under the DDSmatch banner. Rex is the Owner of DDSmatch Chicago, while Justin is the Owner of DDSmatch New York & Western Pennsylvania. Rex & Justin can both help dentists sell their practice or find an associate dentist.

Highlights from this episode include:

✅ How Rex & Justin got into selling dental practices
✅ How you sell a dental practice
✅ How you value a dental practice
✅ Why you should engage a broker to sell your practice
✅ When you should reach out to a practice broker
✅ How you can maximize the value of your practice
✅ What most dentists care about when selling their practice
✅ The best way to attract associates to your practice

At the end of the episode, Rex & Justin share their number one piece of advice for anyone thinking about buying or starting their own dental practice.

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