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Want to know what the secret of Jeff Bezos, Tony Robbins and Richard Branson’s success is?

Do you ever wonder why people like Jeff Bezos of Amazon and Tony Robbins are just so damn successful?

Do you ever think to yourself “regardless of how busy I am with work, I just can’t seem to get ahead”.

In this post, I’m going to tell you what the number one resource that people like Jeff Bezos and Tony Robbins use every single day in their life to grow their businesses to new heights.

Every single person in the world has access to this one resource and let me tell you a little secret, it’s not money!

So, what is it about people like Jeff Bezos, Tony Robbins, and Richard Branson that make them so successful? Do they have a secret that we just don’t know about? Is there some sort of secret formula to success?

Well, it’s something so simple that you may be giving it away every single day without even realizing it! There is something much more powerful than money that you can utilize to grow your business and reach your goals and it’s right in front of your face.

That one thing is time.

You see, we’re raised to believe that we should value money, that money solves all problems in the world, that you should work to save money, that money buys you a good education, money buys you the house  you want, that money helps elevate your status in society and all that is true.

But there’s something more important than money… There’s something that will help you reach your goals and you don’t need money to actually get there. And that thing is time.

When we can learn how to invest our time more wisely, how we can control our time, and how we can protect it against other people taking up our time to use for their own goals then we can start to grow our business and actually reach our goals.

So how do you protect your time? Well, it’s starts by learning how to say “No”.

You see, this is the hardest word in the English to learn, because we’re raised to be polite and help others in need. But the truth is, just because someone has asked you to do something, doesn’t mean you are obligated to do it!

A perfect example of this very thing it the office time suck. You know, that one employee that always seems to wander over to your desk when you’re in the middle of something really important. He (or she) will either pipe right up and ask what you’re up to, or hover until you ask “is there something I can help you with?”.

Then WHAM! Time suck that proceeds to talk about a show they recently watched, or whatever they got up to the night before. No real awareness of anything going on around them except that they’re bored and you’re the perfect way for them to eat up some time.

The time suck doesn’t really pay attention to what other people are doing, they just know they are bored and want to chat, the conversation is most likely about something that is a complete waste of time for you both, but it doesn’t matter to them because they’re using their time (and yours) to stay entertained until quitting time.

Now, if you were to turn the tables and ask the time suck to help you with what you were doing, I’m pretty sure they would suddenly have something more important to do and wander off looking for someone else to suck up some time with.

Part of protecting our time is that we need to learn how to say no. And we are raised in a society that tells us that it’s impolite to say no to people.

We’re taught from childhood that it’s rude to turn down someone that asks for a few minutes of our time. And while it is in-compassionate to turn down someone the desperately does need our help (I.E. someone’s crossing the street, they fall they hurt themselves. Yes, absolutely you should give that person your time you should help them.), when it comes to business goals or life goals you should 100% not be expected to give up your time for tasks or assistance with things that will not help you reach your goal.

I realize some people reading this post probably think that that’s rude, but again going back to the time suck that’s standing over your desk waiting to tell you about a show they watched last night, that’s the same person that sends you an email and asks you “hey, do you know how I do X?”.

Now X is probably something they can Google or it’s in the employee manual or they’ve learned it a number of times, but it’s just way easier for them to ask somebody else to give them the answer than it is to actually do the work.

I can guarantee if you were ignore that email long enough, the time suck will eventually go looking for the answer somewhere else.

Protecting your time by learning to say no to the things that don’t actually help you reach your goals is not rude, it’s realistic. You see, we all have the same 24 hours in each day and time is the only resource in life you can never get back, so protect it and invest it wisely!

The same way you would invest your money into RSPs or stocks or TFSAs to save. For your retirement. You need to invest your time wisely to grow your business, but how do we invest our time wisely?

Well, we start by writing able to list of everything that we need to get done to accomplish our goals. Once we have a list, we can begin scheduling each item according to importance with your priority item at the top.

But what if you have more than one priority?

Well, by definition priority is one thing, you can’t have multiple things that are a priority. If you think you have more than one priority, you don’t actually have any priorities…

So we pick that number one priority and then we break that down into the tasks (milestones) of the things we need to do to accomplish our priority item.

Now that you have your tasks, you can block out times throughout the day where you’re not going to be disturbed or you can set up some sort of system that will help you figure out how you are going to invest your time wisely in getting those milestone item of your priority item done so you can reach your goals.

But the bottom line is you this, if you want to find success in life, need to start investing your time wisely.

Like I said, every single person wakes up every single day with the same 24-hour time bank. The difference between successful people like Jeff Bezo, Tony Robbins, Richard Branson or Gary Vaynerchuk and unsuccessful people like Bob down the street, is those guys invest every second of their day wisely.

They don’t spend their time randomly checking Facebook, answering emails, and giving other people the opportunity to “grab a quick coffee and pick your brain time”. Every second is scheduled and everyone of them say no to thousands of opportunities knowing that each one is not going to get them to the goals they set.

For every yes, there have been 10, 100, heck even 1000 “no’s” by successful people being bombarded with requests for “a quick chat”.

And THAT my friends, is how you go from Bob down the street to somebody on the way to becoming the next Tony Robbins.

Protect your time, invest it wisely, and you’ll start to see your business grow.


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