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How Your Website Colors Affect Your Dental Practice Website Visitors

Colour plays a huge role in influencing customer buying decisions. But how much do you know about the psychology of color and what it means to your customers? In this article, we’re going to run through some examples of commonly used colours, and what they signify to a customer. Use these insights for inspiration when planning your next website design! Read on!


Using red in your design can be a powerful tool. Firstly, red is the colour of action! It’s an intense and bold choice that says ‘stop and pay attention to me’. Think about brands such as Coca-Cola who use their red logo design – it really makes you take notice of the brand.

Red also represents power and strength. Therefore, if this is what you want to portray on your website, then go for it with gusto! Red will immediately increase feelings such as urgency, desire & excitement – all great qualities for increasing conversions. Avoid using too much though. This is because overpowering customers can actually cause them stress rather than pleasure!


Using green on your website signifies balance, stability, and growth which are all great qualities for your brand to have. Green is the colour of nature. Therefore, using it on a website will give customers the feeling of being in harmony with their surroundings. It’s also traditionally linked with wealth and money – making it perfect if you want people to associate luxury or quality with what you are selling.

However, overusing green can have negative connotations. If your website is looking too much like the ‘lush, green countryside’ it will remind people of environmental issues or veganism instead of luxury and wealth! This is why it’s important to always monitor your colour scheme.


Using blue on a website is the best way to convey loyalty, trustworthiness, and reliability. Blue can also have very calming effects so if you are designing for an industry where people might be stressed (such as finance) then this could work in your favour too! Think of brands such as LinkedIn who use their signature sky-blue throughout their site – they want customers to feel like they’re part of something bigger than themselves. This is because blue has traditionally been linked with stability; therefore reassuring customers that things will remain consistent no matter what happens. A red flag should go up though when considering using too much bright or dark blue on web design projects. This is because blue can be associated with sadness and depression.


Using white on a design can give customers feelings such as purity, cleanliness, and simplicity. It represents freshness and openness which are great qualities for making dental logos as well as websites that deal with new products/ideas/services etc. However, overusing this color could cause associations such as blandness and emptiness – so make sure you use variation within the project too. Think about brands such as Apple who use white in their website designs to signify simplicity and cleanliness.


Grey is the perfect choice for websites that need a bit of neutrality within their design. Grey is also associated with calmness, so it’s often used when creating backgrounds where you would want people to stay on your website for longer (such as blogs or articles). This color can be linked with power too, which makes it perfect if you are selling luxury items such as cars. Think about brands such as Audi who use grey in their designs to signify luxury and calmness.


Using this color on your website can be a very effective way of making customers feel nurtured, cared for, and loved! Pink is the perfect choice if you are looking to sell items aimed towards children or women too. However overusing pink could mean that your brand comes across as childish & unprofessional – so remember always to keep an eye out when it comes to color palettes in website design projects. Think about brands such as Disney who use lots of bright pinks throughout their websites. This makes sense because they want visitors to associate the company with happiness, fun, and above all else optimism.


Using black on a website can give customers feelings of sophistication and high-end luxury. This is because it is the color of sophistication and elegance. If you want to convey this message on your site, then why not use black? Think about brands such as Burberry which uses its signature black throughout. They want customers to associate them with prestige and wealth – they are an iconic brand after all!

However, be careful when using black in design projects because it can also give negative associations such as sadness or evilness if used inappropriately.

In some cultures, black has traditionally been associated with death however which could cause negative associations if overused within web design projects. Make sure that when using black you are very careful not to make your visitors feel overwhelmed or nervous – it should always be used sparingly throughout your site instead!


The yellow ‘sunshine’ colour signifies happiness, optimism & warmth. If this is something you think describes your brand well then why not use some bright sunshine yellow? Again though, avoid overusing it as too much can be overpowering, irritating, and cause stress! Instead, experiment by using small doses throughout different elements of your design such as logos or sub-headers which can act like little bursts of sunshine.

Think of brands such as McDonald’s that use yellow throughout their site to give customers feelings of happiness, warmth, and home-cooked meals! This is because the color has traditionally been associated with optimism – it’s why many people put up sunflowers in their garden during summer!


Using a deep orange on your website can give customers feelings of comfort, security, and warmth. This colour is often used in websites for children’s activities, physical challenges, and fitness. This is because it can give customers a feeling of power and strength – think about how this could work for your brand?

Think of brands such as Amazon who use their signature orange throughout both their main site and sub-headers. They want customers to think of Amazon as a reliable, trustworthy brand that they can rely on no matter what!

Avoid overusing this color though because it can give customers feelings of aggression and irritability.

Final Thoughts

Using Colour is a great way to give your brand personality, evoke emotions in customers, and encourage them to take the right actions on your site. This is why it’s worth always being careful when using different colours within web design projects because they can make a difference between a successful or unsuccessful brand. With the information provided in this article, you should be able to use the right colors that will fit with your brand and help it grow into a successful business.

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