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You wouldn't start a complex case without a treatment plan, so why are you marketing your business WITHOUT a solid plan?

Most dental practices are WASTING thousands of dollars on marketing, and most agencies are LETTING them!!! 😱

Stop throwing your HARD-EARNED money away on random tactics, and hoping for results!!! 🛑

Please, for the love of dentures, DON’T spend another dollar on marketing your practice without a well thought out plan. 👌

The Iceberg Effect & Dental Marketing

Dental Marketing & The Iceberg Effect

We’ve worked with a lot of practice owners, and the one thing we see time and time again is the belief that you just need a fancy new website design, or to turn on some paid ads, and your practice will be swimming in new business. I’m sorry to bust this myth, but this is fundamentally wrong.

Truthfully, it’s not your fault you believe this, marketing agencies do a great job of selling this dream (and ad campaigns), and the dentist up the street recently redesigned his website and now seems to have a full practice! 

Here’s the thing, you’re only seeing the tip of the iceberg, and not all the things under the waterline that needed to happen for that dentist to bring in all of those new patients.

Whether you’re looking to rebrand your practice, design a website, or run a marketing campaign that brings in new patients, you should NEVER spend a single dime without first creating a plan.


We get it. You want the phone ringing & GOOD patients in the chair.  Dealing with low value patients is exhausting. But you also want your marketing to work… and you want to do it right.

The Ultimate Digital Marketing Checklist For Dentists


The Ultimate Marketing Checklist for Dentists

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Introducing Practice Growth Plan™

The most crucial question most agencies skip when starting a project with any business owner, is asking the question – Why are we doing this?

This is exactly why we created our Practice Growth Plan™ workshop, to answer that question (and others), take a deep dive into your business, and get clear on what will give this your dental website design, Google ad campaign, or dental marketing campaign the best chance for success. 

The Workshop: Part 1

During this part of the workshop, we’ll be taking a 30,000 foot view of your business to define some important definitions and make sure everyone is on the same page.

We’ll determine your company mission, vision & values. What impact you want to have on the lives of your patients. Who your ideal patient is. What treatments you’d like more of. Why a patient would choose your practice over another. And even why someone should work for you.

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The Workshop: Part 2

Next you’ll look at WHY we’re doing this.

Whether you’re redesigning your website, running Google Ads, rebranding your practice, or looking for full on marketing, what are the objectives that you want to accomplish?

We’ll also define how you’ll know if it has been a success, what assets you have and what you’ll need, and any critical timelines.

The Workshop: Part 3

Once you know your mission and your why, the next step is to figure out who your perfect patient is.

In this workshop, you’ll determine exactly what messaging will attract more of those great patients, what propels them to make a decision, how to turn them into a happy, loyal patient that refers you onto others, and where you can improve on patient experience.

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The Workshop: Part 4

In the final part of this workshop you’ll work out the exact journey needed to take someone from awareness that they need your services, to consideration of your practice, right through to making the decision that you are the right choice for their needs.

You’ll also create a plan to re-engage with past patients who haven’t been in the chair in a while.

The End Result

At the end of this workshop, we’ll take everything you’ve discovered, all the notes and scribbles, ideas and “ah-ha!” moments away with us and put together your Practice Growth Plan™.

We’ll present our findings and recommendations to get your toward your defined goals in a scheduled meeting, and at that point you’ll have an solid plan for growth that you can execute yourself, take to another agency, of have a conversation with us to see if working together is the right fit for everyone.

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Gaining clarity and confidence is EASY with our 3-step plan:

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1. Book a

Schedule a 15 minute Clarity Call™ to get clear on what’s really holding you and your practice back. Identify what a successful future looks like.


2. Create A

Work with our team to build a tailored Practice Growth Plan™ to help you achieve your goals in 12 month or less. You’ll finally have confidence in your marketing.

3. Grow
Your Practice

Implement your Practice Growth Plan™ yourself or get our help. Whether you want to reduce your clinical days or add more locations, you’ll have a plan to succeed.

Frequently Asked Questions

I just want a website, can't you just give me a redesign?

Every second, there are 63,000 searches performed on Google, and the majority of search results pages include Google ads. Paid for by businesses, Google ads can be an extremely effective way of driving relevant, qualified traffic to your website exactly when people are searching for the types of products or services your business offers.

Google Ads is a form of pay-per-click (PPC) advertising which means you only pay a fee when someone clicks on your ad and visits your website; you don’t pay if they only view your ad and don’t visit your site.

How can this help my Dental Practice?

When potential patients are looking for a new dentist or they are considering a specific treatment they will most likely search online to get the information they want. By advertising on Google through Google Ads your practice website (or landing page) can appear in the top four positions on a search engine results page (and other places), at the exact moment a potential patient is looking for “dentist near me”, “teeth straightening”, or anything else related to your business.

Increasing the amount of qualified traffic to your website will typically lead to an increase in patient enquiries and, ultimately, revenue. Google Ads has an added benefit of boosting your brand awareness, as many people will see your ads – even if they don’t actually click on them.

What’s if I just want some Google Ads?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a fantastic strategy for increasing traffic to your dental practice website without paying for ads. Organic listings appear below ads on search engine results pages. While ranking high on Google can deliver a lot of website visitors and organic search results are generally trusted more than ads, SEO takes a long time to implement properly – 6-18 months.

If your dental practice isn’t on the first page of search results for your desired keywords – let alone the top three spaces on the first page – then, you will likely get little to no organic traffic. Google Ads gives you the opportunity to jump the queue and appear at the top of the first page on Google. You will have to pay for the privilege, but if you’re serious about attracting more patients to your practice, then this may be a necessary investment.

We always advise our clients to do both SEO and Google Ads. The earlier you start SEO, the sooner you will see results, but that won’t help you in the short term. Google Ads delivers results immediately, so you can get more patients right away.

Once you start getting results organically, you can either stop spending money on Google Ads or continue to invest in PPC, and dominate Google!

What makes you different from other marketing agencies?

We exclusively work with dental practices and Dentists, so you can feel confident we understand dentistry, your treatments, and your patients. We are heavily involved in the dental communities on both sides of the Atlantic, founding and chairing the Dental Business Alliance in the UK, and the Dental Business Association of North America. One of our co-founders, Mike Hennan, hosts the Growing A Dental Practice podcast for new and aspiring practice owners.

We truly believe any marketing agency can get you leads, but you don’t want leads, you need patients. Our experience of the dental industry plus our extensive network of partners can deliver leads and help you convert them into patients.

Finally, we are the only dental marketing agency that promises to help you earn an extra 10k per month in cosmetic treatments within 90 days.

Do I need to work with you after I get my plan?

The size of your Google Ads budget depends on the treatments you want to target and your geographical location. For general campaigns targeting keywords like “dentist + your location” and “dentist near me”, you could get started with a budget of $750 per month. For campaigns targeting popular (and profitable) treatments like Invisalign and dental implants, you would need a budget of at least $1,500+.

If your practice is located in a densely populated area such as London with lots of competition, then you’ll likely require a bigger budget than a practice which is located in a more rural area with less competing practices.

We can help you calculate your expected ad budget and profitability of running Google Ads in your area before you waste any money.

Can my team be involved in the planning?

No. We don’t believe in locking our clients into long term contracts. Clients are free to come and go as they please, but most stay because of the consistently great results we get them. We love building long term partnerships with our clients. Partnerships that help practice owners achieve their business and personal goals.

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Ready to plan your mission?