Three Elements For Designing a Wellness Company Website

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During these lockdown times, more people are looking to improve their physical, mental, and emotional well-being. As a result, more companies that serve those needs are being founded with each passing month.

It would be prudent for any web developer to hone their design skills to meet the needs of a rapidly growing industry. Recently we worked on designing and developing websites for two such companies.

The first of our clients is a CrossFit gym in Canada that wanted to attract more clients:

While the second is a dental practice consultant firm in the UK. Though not technically a clinic, we found them quite niche and decided to approach the project as if they were one:

Both projects proved successful as evidenced by our Clutch reviews and subsequent listing on the B2B platform, The Manifest. So we noted what we did for these projects and hopefully they work for you.

Visualize Results

A big reason for the boom of the wellness industry is that they promise a better you. We decided to lean into that with pictures showing glowing smiles and fit people having fun all over the homepage.

It’s an old trick taken from traditional media that still works to this day.

The Value Stack

Just below the initial image we decided to put a colour band with three simple and easy to remember value items. These are three key benefits that you – the user – will experience when patronizing this company’s services.

Here’s the one we did for the dental consultants:

And here’s the one for the CrossFit gym:

Straight to the point and hardly intrusive.

We Care About You

The appeal of wellness companies is that they’re all for self-betterment. The customer’s well-being is the whole point of the business. This, therefore needs to be communicated as plainly as possible in order to reinforce the ideas that they need this and this is for their benefit.

We chose to do this at varying parts of the page, but always right next to or just above a CTA button.

This one’s for the dental consultants again:

And this one’s from the CrossFit gym:

The Plan

Finally, the one barrier to entry for most wellness companies is getting people to start. Everyone wants to get physically, mentally, or emotionally better, but they always have trouble getting the ball rolling.

The way we decided to address this with the design is to produce a three-step plan for the entire experience. Everything looks easy when it’s broken down into steps, and three is an easily digestible number – also with an accompanying CTA (call to action).

Once more, here’s our take for the dental consultants:

And here’s the CrossFit gym:

That’s three design elements we implemented for our wellness company clients. We based the success of these techniques on the reviews that both clients gave us, and it might serve as a template for more intuitive website design choices in future projects.

If what you see here is something you want on your website, schedule a clarity call today. Let’s work to create something amazing together.


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