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EP62 Improving Dental Practice Cybersecurity with Michael Bakaic

In this episode, our host, Mike Hennan from PatientBoost, is thrilled to have a conversation with Michael Bakaic, Founder and CEO of Iceberg Cyber. Iceberg Cyber is an organization that assists small businesses, including dental practices, in identifying and rectifying vulnerabilities in their data, website, network, and office equipment.

In the interview, Michael shared insights on a range of topics:

  1. Introduction to Michael Bakaic: Michael shares a bit about his background and the experiences that led him to where he is today. 
  2. Cybersecurity 101: Michael explains what cybersecurity means and its importance in the current digital age.
  3. The Cybersecurity-Dental Practice Nexus: Discussing why dental practices should prioritize cybersecurity.
  4. Iceberg Cyber: The inception story of Iceberg Cyber, why Michael started it, and how it’s uniquely positioned to help dental practices.
  5. The Benefits of Continuous Monitoring: Exploring the advantages of regular cybersecurity monitoring for dental practices.
  6. Getting Started with Iceberg Cyber: Michael provides insight into the process for dental practices looking to onboard with Iceberg Cyber.
  7. Understanding FTC Safeguards Rules: An explanation of the FTC Safeguards Rules and their potential impact on dental practices.
  8. Advice for Dental Practice Starters: Michael shares his top piece of advice for those considering buying or starting a dental practice, drawing from his own experiences and interactions with dental practice owners.
  9. Contact Michael:

Mike and Michael had an insightful and engaging conversation about the importance of cybersecurity in the dental industry. 

Reach out to the show host, Mike, at, if you have any questions or comments. 

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